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We know it very well that most of the patients would prefer keeping a large distance from a dentist chair. It is enough to recall one unpleasant dental treatment to fill them with fear. However, the professional team of MDC is here to pay attention to patients and care about them.
Working under the supervision of Professor Ossama M. El-Alfy, who transfers the experience he earned through long years of practice as a world distinguished dental consultant, the whole team of MDC, especially the dentists' team maintains a high level of scientific background with a special attention to world renowned medical ethics. MDC are proud to have the best professional dentists among its family, to ensure delivering high scientific knowledge and experience contributing to drawing the perfect smile on thousands of faces. Dentists in MDC are the top of their classes, and own extensive knowledge and experience that they put to serve their patients.
The front office Staff is a wonderful energetic and helpful team. They are prepared to make your visit as comfortable and as smooth as possible. They are well informed and can answer many of your questions about appointments and scheduling. We believe that your time as well as ours is very precious. The assistants are a group of warm and caring people whose primary concern is your comfort and complete satisfaction with your dental visit. They will help you relax and ensure your confidence in our care.
Patients' health and comfort are the focal point of our friendly team. What delight the team most is patients leaving our centers feeling healthy, revitalized, smiling and fully satisfied with our range of services.

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